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Parents Handbook

When to Stay Home

Keep your child home if you suspect or know he or she is ill. If in doubt, refer to the guide sheet or phone the center.

Minor Injury or Illness

The majority of our teaching staff has received extensive first aid training and are currently certified. All injuries are treated immediately and the incident recorded, with a copy given to the parent. For minor injuries, parents receive the incident report at the end of the session. Parents or other authorized individuals will be called to immediately pick up a child who appears ill during the session.

Health Alerts to Staff

Keep staff informed of any allergies, health problems or medications your child may be taking outside of school hours. Under these conditions, your child’s school behavior is often affected.

Returning After Illness

Children must be well enough to participate in all program activities, including outside and water play activities.

Major Injury or Illness

The majority of our teaching staff have been trained and certified in Pediatric CPR and know how to handle major emergencies. In a major emergency, staff will call 911 and begin emergency procedures. Parents will be called as soon as possible, and given a summary of the incident along with the location of the child. A written report will be given to the parent as soon as possible after the incident.

Medications at School

Medication and ointments (including sunscreen) cannot be administered at school. Please inform the Director or Site Supervisor of emergency medication to be kept with your child at all times (e.g. inhalers, epinephrine).