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Parents Handbook

Things from Home

Toys from home are best kept at home and are not permitted in the classroom. If your child has difficulty parting with the toy, we ask that you support our staff as we have your child give you the toy at the door before coming in to school.

Comfort Objects
Comfort objects, such as a blanket, used by your child while adjusting to new situations are welcome. Let us know so we can make a plan to keep track of the item.

No backpacks, please! Backpacks can easily contain unacceptable items for a preschool program and cannot be adequately checked by staff. In addition, cubbies are small and need to hold so many items, that there is no room for backpacks.

Small Items
Hair accessories, jewelry, coins, and other small items easily become lost at school. Whenever possible, keep these items at home.

Personal Use Items
Chapstick, pacifiers, crazy straws, balloons, etc. are unhealthy when shared by many children, and need to remain home.

Curriculum-Related Items
Books or other items related to our studies are often welcome additions. Please let the teaching staff know what you have to share and how they can best incorporate it into their plans.