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Parents Handbook

Visiting and Parking


Parents are welcome at all times. Sign-in with the Secretary or Director prior to entering the classroom. On main campus you can observe from the observation booth behind a one-way mirror so you child cannot see you.

Parents are welcome to join “family time” only if they arrive prior to the start and stay until the end.

With some children predictability of visits is important, for others drop-in visits are fine. Plan with your child’s teacher to determine how best to visit, especially if your child behaves negatively to your appearance.


20 minute green zone:
Primarily used for drop off and pick-up. If exceeding 20 minutes, you will likely be ticketed.

Orange Faculty Parking:
Do not park here. You will likely be ticketed.

Day Parking Permits:
To park in student lots on campus, you may purchase a day permit ($2.00) from ticket machines located in each parking lot. The Center does not keep change on hand. Students may purchase semester permits.

Please note - CDC staff cannot help you with ticket disputes.