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The Tour

Guide to the Hartnell College Child Development Center - Main Campus

Before you enter the classroom, take a moment to imagine how you would feel in the environment described here.

Imagine a room where there are bright splashes of color, often attached to moving bodies, and warm muted hues on carpet and walls. Sunshine catches the light of a prism in one corner, and there is a small patch of sunshine so bright you have to squint. There are soft indirect lights, shadows, and cool dark corners.

There are hanging baskets of trailing green plants, flowers, pussy willows and cattails, Angel hair and dried grasses. The beauty of life is captured by Monet and Wyeth and assorted four year olds.

There are the smells of fresh dirt, lilacs and eucalyptus, garlic and baking bread.

One hears laughter and singing, animated conversations, soft classical music and the back beat of reggae from somewhere in the corridor. There is a ticking of clocks, chirping of birds, and the squeaking and rustling of a guinea pig.

There is a breeze from an open window as one walks around feeling heavy dark wood and silky fabric; hard cold metal and warm fur; complex textures; and watery, slippery, gooey things.

Everything somehow fits together is a comprehensive way. The elements are not random. These are the aesthetic elements of life, of what makes the world a rich experience. They stimulate and nurture our many moods. Through them we glimpse the soul of nature and of humanity. They are the elements we hope to have in and around the places where we live, settings where children and adults spend days together. (from "Caring Spaces, Learning Places: Children's Environments That Work" by Jim Greenman, 1988 Exchange Press Inc.)

Welcome to the Hartnell College Child Development Center. We hope you will experience a similar pleasure as this scenario describes. Choose an area on the right for a detailed description.