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The Tour

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Math and Science Area:

Looking toward the classroom entrance door, directly across from the Manipulative Toys area, you will see the math and science area. Science is everywhere - inside and outside. The science area provides a place for focused observation where exploratory materials are readily available. Children know this is where to come when they find a worm outside and need a "bug house" and magnifying lenses for more extensive exploration. The light table provides a way for the children to see through bugs and worms and other opaque objects.

The sensory table is set up to provide children experiences with materials that can easily be poured so that children can dig into, fill containers and pour.

Developmentally appropriate hands-on science experiences are set up daily. The growing of indoor plants and animals provide children an understanding of what sustains life. Physical science experiences help children understand the way the world works.

Math Materials are similar in appearance to those found in the manipulative/puzzle area, but are used in a specific way to promote the development of mathematical knowledge. Children will manipulate unifix cubes in long trains, but with the focus on color patterns created, which one is longer, how many cubes are in the shorter train, etc. The math area houses math related materials children use throughout the classroom and outdoors providing children a consistent access point. When children need to measure something anywhere in the environment, they can come to the math materials shelf and find a variety of informal and formal measuring tools depending upon their developmental level.

This concludes your tour. Please stop at the reception desk or director's office to obtain additional information about the program and answer any questions you have.