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The Tour

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The Great Outdoors:

We are fortunate to live in an area where weather conditions rarely prevent outside play for children. In extensive weather conditions such as steady rain or gale force winds, children are not permitted access to the outdoor environment. Short of that, children have the option to use the outside area whether it is cold, hot, breezy or drizzly. We provide children access to extra coats, sweaters, raincoats, rain boots, etc. and encourage the children to tune in to conditions in relationship to what they are physically feeling to encourage them to begin to self-regulate. For example, if we always insist that a child put on a jacket based on how we are feeling, rather that helping them recognize how they are feeling, we have denied them the opportunity to learn self-regulation. Therefore, they will become reliant on adults to always tell them when they have a physical need, rather than recognizing it within themselves and making a decision to do something about it.

A large variety of activity choices are made available daily. In the Active Play Zone, you will see a large and complex climbing structure, which provides many challenges for the children as they grow and develop. Around "the Hill" bikes, wagons, wheelbarrows and other wheel toys and balls are generally available to support children in their development of their large muscles and motor coordination skills.

The Nature Zone provides children with science experiences such as gardening along with sand, water and mud play. Depending upon the time of year, the garden has individual plots for children to tend to, a serenity garden, which includes a small butterfly garden, and a secret garden, where children can find some respite from all the activity on the play yard.

Children have access to sand and sand accessories and water, in different forms, with a variety of accessories on a daily basis.

An outdoor music area is adjacent to the climbing structure and includes a Thunderdrum, wall chime and pebble harp.

Woodworking activities require direct adult supervision, even when children have experience with, and understand how to use materials safely. When the woodworking bench is set up, only a limited number of children can work at the wood bench at one time, with the number depending upon which tools are being used and the skill level of the children using the tools.