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The Tour

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Manipulative Toys/Puzzle Area:

Immediately in front of the cubbies you will see a wide variety of manipulative materials, which are rotated regularly as children master their skills with these materials. Manipulative materials are open-ended equipment with no one right way of using them. For example, Legos and tinkertoys can be used in many ways. Puzzles range in level of difficulty and provide pictures relating to diverse interests of young children, which in turn, motivates them to complete the puzzle. Some materials are geared for individual use and others encourage cooperative play between children.

The shelving provides organized, labeled storage spaces for the materials, so that children do not need assistance to return materials to the proper place upon completion. Storage containers are neutral in color and natural in material, so as not to distract from the manipulative materials. Both table and chairs and plenty of floor spaces are provided to give children the choice of where it is most conducive to use the different materials.