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Approval Process

Course and Program Proposal & Revision Process

  1. Consult with the discipline or department regarding the need for revising or developing a course. California Community College Chancellor's Office sets the following criteria for curriculum approval which form the basis for the various forms used for this purpose.
    • Appropriateness to Mission
      The stated goals and objectives of the proposed program, or the objectives defined in the course Outline of Record, are consistent with the mission of the community colleges as established by the Legislature in the Education Code.
    • Need
      There is a demonstrable need for a course or program that meets the stated goals and objectives, at this time, and in the region the college proposes to serve with the program
    • Quality
      Outlines of Record for each course meet all the requirements of Title 5, [and]…courses and programs are integrated, with courses designed to effectively meet their objectives and the goals and objectives of the programs for which they are required.
    • Feasibility
      The college has the resources realistically to maintain the program at the level of quality described in the new program application. This includes funding, faculty, and facilities and equipment. The college commits to offering all the required courses for the program at least once every two years, unless the goals and rationale for the particular program justify a longer time frame as being in the best interests of students. In the case of courses, the college has the resources needed to offer the course at the level of quality described in the Outline of Record.
    • Compliance
      The design of the program or the course is not in conflict with any law. This includes both state and federal laws, and both statutes and regulations. It includes laws particularly affecting community colleges, as well as any other law that may affect the program or course (for example, licensing laws in a particular occupation).
  2. Obtain the necessary forms from the Curriculum Committee website.
    • New Course Proposal
    • Course Revision
    • Course Outline
    • Course Technical Data
    • Distance Education Review
    • Prerequisite/Corequisite/Advisory
    • Old Course Outline
  3. Consult the appropriate resources for the data needed on the respective forms.

    • Old course outline Area Secretary or Dean/Manager
    • GE and transferability data Tech 2/Articulation Officer
    • Technical data Dean/Manager
    • Library/Facilities/Distance Ed Director of Library Facilities
    • Prerequisites/corequisites/advisories Discipline/Dean/A&R
  4. Submit completed Course Outline, Technical Data, Prerequisite/Co-requisite/Advisory and/or Distance Education, New Program/Certificate forms to the discipline for review, approval and Dean/Manager's signature.
  5. Submit New Course Proposal and Distance Education forms to the Library/Facilities Director for review and signature.
  6. Submit all completed forms to the Area Secretary. The secretary will copy and submit the forms to the Office of Instruction by Friday at noon for curriculum review.
  7. The Curriculum Review subcommittee (formerly Tech 1) will review all forms for completeness, grammar and language. Incomplete submissions may be returned to the Area Secretary and the originator in turn.
  8. All courses and programs that undergo curriculum review are placed on the Curriculum Committee Agenda. Additionally, programs and courses designated as general education are submitted to the Tech 2 subcommittee for review.
  9. The full Curriculum Committee will review and discuss all course and program proposals and revisions. These may be approved, approved pending further revision, tabled, or not approved. New courses and programs are two reading items, allowing for adequate feedback and review. Course revisions are read once and voted on. Originators are encouraged to attend meetings in order to respond to questions regarding their course or program.
  10. Forms approved pending final revisions must be resubmitted to the Area Secretary along with a disc copy. The secretary will submit copies to the Office of Instruction where the forms will be signed by the Curriculum Committee Chair and Vice-President of Instruction and forwarded to the Hartnell College Governing Board for ultimate approval.
  11. Courses and programs needing Chancellor's Office approval must be submitted by the originator to the state Chancellor's office for approval. Courses needing transferability must be submitted to the Articulation Officer.
  12. Courses and programs approved prior to December 20 will be included in the Hartnell College Catalog.

Here is an abbreviated version of the step-by-step process of procedures faculty should follow either create or revise a course. The following flowcharts provide a more comprehensive guide to the process:

New Course Proposal Flow Chart and Procedures

Revised Course Flow Chart and Procedures