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Welcome to Hartnell College's Online course delivery system

NEW! - etudes update

Fall of 2012 is the last semester we will be using eCollege as our course management system (CMS). Beginning Spring of 2013 all courses will use etudes. Please check your Hartnell College email account for updates and training information.


NEW! - eCollege Course Export Request

Do you have components in your current or previous eCollege courses that you would like to make available for import into your etudes courses? etudes provides one click import from your archived eCollege courses! Just fill out this quick form to make sure your courses are archived from the eCollege platform and will be available for import. We have a limited window for retrieving archive files so please make your requests as soon as possible.

eCollege Course Archive Request Form


The Curriculum Process

All courses must be approved by the curriculum committee to be taught online. There can be no changes to the number of times classes meet in person until the curriculum committee has approved an online version and/or hybrid version of the course. For existing courses, a course revision needs to be filed and approved. For completely new courses, it is a good idea to have both a face-to-face version and on online version approved at the same time.

Recommended Faculty Responsibilities


A quality distance education program is driven by solid course content and objectives, trained faculty, and institutional support for all involved constituents (students, staff, and faculty).

While faculty responsibilities are governed by academic and negotiated policies and procedures, faculty can attempt to ensure that all distance education classes they facilitate contribute to a quality learning experience for students by following the best practices suggested in this section and by consulting the Distance Education Faculty Handbook.

Training to Obtain Skill Set to Conduct an Effective Online Class.

Because delivering an online class may require skills outside of a faculty's subject matter, faculty wishing to deliver courses online should have satisfied one or more of the following:

  • Completed formal coursework in the teaching and delivery of distance education
  • Taken courses online
  • Successfully delivered courses in the online environment

    Learning Environment

    The content and objectives of the online course should be equal to the content and objectives of the same course taught in the on-site environment; it is the method of delivery and evaluation that will differ.

    The course outline must identify how the instructor will ensure that equivalent instruction will take place in both environments.

    Availability and Response Time to Students

    Because of the inherent nature of isolation that the online environment produces, online instructors need to inform students of their response time, which should not exceed 48 hours. Faculty should consider a synchronous office hour during which they can be reached.