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Welcome to eCampus

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eCampus provides convenient access to online courses, student services, and college information. You can apply for admission, register for classes, learn more about counseling Frequently Asked Questions, search for classes, and log on to your classes.

Not sure if Online Courses are for you?

If you have never taken an online or distance learning course before, please consider signing up for Computer Skills Acquisition Lab (BUS 200). Online courses will be more informative and interesting for you if you have mastered the computer skills needed to succeed in them first.

It also helps to know if you are a good candidate for online courses. To determine this, take the "Are you ready for eLearning" quiz to gauge your online aptitude. In addition, knowing your learning style preferences can also help you determine if online learning is a good match for you. Try this online, interactive survey to determine your learning style preferences.

Online Student Support

Students may participate in eCollege orientation sessions or obtain tutorial assistance through the Academic Learning Center, http://old-www.hartnell.edu/academics/lsc/. Contact Frank Henderson, Tutorial Services Coordinator, 831-755-6738, or fhenders@hartnell.edu, for more information.