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How To Become A Successful Online Learner

Online class instruction is different than learning in a traditional real time classroom. Students with the following characteristics and attitudes tend to learn more successfully and effectively in online courses:

  • Students who take more responsibility for their own learning and have developed good time-management skills, a great deal of self-motivation and self-discipline, and who do not wait until the last minute to complete course assignments.
  • Students who are not afraid to communicate with the instructor and email immediately if they have questions or run into problems while completing assignments.
  • Students who have good reading and writing skills.
  • Students who understand online courses may be far more convenient, but are not necessarily easier.
  • Students who check their class web site and email every day, commit to 4-15 hours per week, per course, and complete assignments by the deadline.
  • Students who enjoy and do well in the areas of critical thinking and decision-making and who pay attention to details.
  • Students who are not afraid of computers; who have access to good computer equipment and have back-up plans in case the technology fails.
  • Students who participate in online class discussions and group projects.
  • Students who are polite and respectful of others online.

    Students who possess many of these skills tend to have excellent online learning experiences. If you donít have all of them, donít worry! If you are self-motivated and disciplined, you have the most important ones! You can learn many of the rest of these skills as you go.