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 Last/Department Name:  First Name:  Ext:  Position:  Area:  Location:  Email:
Facilities (Athletics)   755−6830   Athletics, Health-Physical Education and Sports Counseling H114A  
Facilities (Non-Athletics)   755−6719   Library Services A119  
Faculty Resource Center (FRC)   755−6772   Library Services A125  
Fatuzzo Laura 770−7017 Instructor (Physics) Math, Science and Engineering N10 lfatuzzo@hartnell.edu
FDO (Measure H)   770−7041   Adminstrative Services R  
Federico Donna 755−6989 Hair & Makeup Western Stage K102 dfederic@hartnell.edu
Felice Consulting Services FDO   770−7041   Adminstrative Services R  
Fernandez Mario 755−6872 Technician (Library) Library Services A145 mfernandez@hartnell.edu
Fields Rebecca 755−6921 Instructor (Biology) Math, Science and Engineering N14 rfields@hartnell.edu
Film Rentals   755−6772   Library Services A128  
Financial Aid   755−6806   Student Affairs B121  
Fitch James 759−6003 Website Administrator Information and Technology Resources A127 jfitch@hartnell.edu
Flinn Loyanne 755−6810 Director of Development Advancement and Development/Foundation E103 lflinn@hartnell.edu
Flores Gloria 759−6000 Food Service Lead Worker Adminstrative Services CCAFE  
Flores Janet 755−6934 Instructor (Spanish) Languages and Fine Arts D373 jflores@hartnell.edu
Flores Jacqueline 755−6822 Administrative Assistant Student Affairs B123 jaflores@hartnell.edu
Food Service   759−6000   Adminstrative Services CCAFE  
Foreign Study   755−6829   Student Affairs B128  
Foster & Kinship Care Education (FKCE)   755−6709   Learning Support and Resources D119  
Foundation   755−6810   Advancement and Development/Foundation E101  
Frazier Ryan 759−6091 Instructional Technology Technician (Library) Library Services A159 rfrazier@hartnell.edu
Fregoso Alicia ext: 7115 Counselor - Adjunct King City Education Center KC120 afregoso@hartnell.edu
Fuge Dale 755−6833 Swimming Pool Attendant (Maintenance and Operations) Adminstrative Services L  
Funke Renata 386−7100 Dean of Education Services, South County King City Education Center KC218 rfunke@hartnell.edu