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 Last/Department Name:  First Name:  Ext:  Position:  Area:  Location:  Email:
Hagman Karen 755−6810 Philanthropy Officer Advancement and Development/Foundation E101 khagman@hartnell.edu
Haneta Irene 755−6718 Enrollment Services Lead (Admissions & Records) Student Affairs B128 ihaneta@hartnell.edu
Hard Chelsea 755−6775 Manager (Bookstore) Adminstrative Services CBOOKS 0632mgr@fheg.follett.com
Haro Richard 755−6955 Warehouse Technician Adminstrative Services L rharo@hartnell.edu
Hashimoto Phyllis 755−6945 Administrative Assistan (Child Development Center) Instructional Programs and Support M phashimo@hartnell.edu
Hayashi Dina 770−7090 Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs D102 dhayashi@hartnell.edu
Henderson Frank 755−6738 Tutorial Services Coordinator Languages and Fine Arts A213 fhenders@hartnell.edu
Henry Dawn 755−6960 Administrative Assistant II Advanced Technology and Applied Science AC-A102 dhenry@hartnell.edu
Hernandez Fernando 755−6734 ASHC Senator Student Affairs C102 ferhernandez831@yahoo.com
High School Equivalency Program (HEP)   770−7070   Languages and Fine Arts AC-A117 hep@hartnell.edu
Ho Tanya 770−6155 Instructor (Respiratory Care) Nursing & Allied Health B214 tho@hartnell.edu
Ho Tanya 770−6155 Director of Respiratory Care Practitioner Nursing & Allied Health B214 tho@hartnell.edu
Hobson Carol 755−6852 Instructor (CIS) Advanced Technology and Applied Science E216 chobson@hartnell.edu
Hobson Carol 755−6852 Instructor (Business) Social and Behavioral Sciences E216 chobson@hartnell.edu
Hori-Garcia Jeanne 759−6065 Instructor (Early Childhood Education) Instructional Programs and Support J222 jhorigarcia@hartnell.edu
Hornstein Melissa 755−6889 Instructor (Engineering/Math) Math, Science and Engineering N21 mhornstein@hartnell.edu
Hough Jason 755−6994 Instructor (Communication) Languages and Fine Arts E208 jhough@hartnell.edu
Hu Min 755−6759 Programmer Analyst Information and Technology Resources E115 mhu@hartnell.edu
Hughey Jeffery 770−7054 Instructor (Biology) Math, Science and Engineering N26C jhughey@hartnell.edu
Human Resources and EEO (HR)   755−6706   Adminstrative Services D108  
Hussain Mohammad 770−7052 Instructor (Mathematics) Math, Science and Engineering D255 mhussain@hartnell.edu
Hutchins Elizabeth 755−6891 Science Lab Technician Math, Science and Engineering N26A ehutchins@hartnell.edu