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Etudes - By Educators, for Educators

Hartnell College Online Learning with Etudes

Faculty: To log-in to your courses go to https://myetudes.org/portal with:

user id: (your Hartnell Employee ID #)
password: (refer to Etudes emails)

Make sure your courses are published, go to: Site Info >> Click on Manage Access >> Publish Now!


- How do I get Etudes support?

Faculty support for Etudes is provided in the Etudes.org Users Group faculty support forums. This is easily located, just a tab away from your courses! Help is available daily, including weekends and holidays.

Not in Etudes yet?

Get registered to use Etudes! The last FREE training for Hartnell College staff is May 6-19, 2013. Registration for it will open on March 17 and ends May 1st. PLEASE REGISTER by May 1, 2013 for the May Etudes session to have the fee waived (do not complete Step 2 - payment).


Instructor Resources


For your Students

  • Student User Guide for your class sites. (zip file) Includes tutorial on MyWorkspace, Jforum, printing with iframes, and FAQ's. To make available to your students, download the above, go to your site, click on Modules >> Manage >> Import.
  • Student User Guide in PDF format. Download and add to your course site's Resources.
  • For additional resources, go to the Users Group site


Training & Events

Professional development opportunities (online and online workshops) in learning how to use the tools and features of Etudes, as well as courses on best teaching practices and pedagogy (Cyber Teachers' Institute) are offered to Etudes users and other interested individuals. Learn More....


Vivie Sinou, Executive Director of Etudes, Inc., hosts regular webinars for the Etudes user community. These sessions are intended to introduce Etudes users to new features, clarify advanced functionality, seek input from users on new features, and provide opportunities for exchange of ideas. Learn More...


Are you learning how to teach with technology through trial and error? Our Adopt-A-Mentor Program is the re-assuring way ahead to great teaching with technology. Learn More...