At the end of each semester, I ask the students what they would tell next semester’s students on the first day of class. Here are their responses.

“Study for every test, not just the big ones. The more knowledge you absorb ahead of time the better.”

“Do the online review questions shortly after he’s covered the material. Trust me it’ll help!!”

“Use the SI, Online reviews and quizzes, podcast and come to class prepared.”

“Make a study group on the first day of class.”

“Great class, stay on top of notes, don’t miss letures and study!! If S.I. is offered…DO IT, and enjoy”

“Buy the book for this class and study!!!”

“Do Not skip on lectures!! And Make sure to Do the REVIEW!!”

“REVIEW lecture notes and review questions!”

“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

“Pay attention to lab diagrams you have to draw. Study the quizzes and ask for the correct answers. Great class if you pay attention! Review 4 tests”

“A good advice to keep you occupied while studying is to make flashcards, buy yourself a set and just make sure you go over them and surely you will remember most of what you wroe from the flashcards”


“Be prepared to study! Fun class “

“Don’t forget to study in advance! Pay attention in lecture>”

“Try reviewing after each class a alittle at a time to absorb what you learn in leacture and study two week in advance or more for each exam.”

“Show up to class, print out all lecture notes ahead of time and do all review questions they will help you.”

“Don’t underestimate this class. Study.”

“Go over Review questions. Will help a lot for Final exam. Study for weekly quizes because can either bring grade up or lower your grade!”

“GO OVER REVIEW QUESTIONS!!!! And study study study…. Don’t miss class….it’ll just hurt you in the end….”

“Do the review questions and study them each week”