At the end of each semester, I ask the Bio6L students what advice they would give to next semester's students. The following is the advice to you from last semester's students.


“I would like to advise incoming students to take the course seriously from the get go. There is a lot of information that builds up rapidly, so it is important to stay on top of study material. Also, ask questions, lots of questions. You may feel like your putting yourself out there, and people are judging…but you have to do it, it is your education, take responsibility of it, and forget the haters. Good luck.”

“ Make sure you take GOOD NOTES!!!! Copy all of the pictures and use different colors. If Dr. Edens says it or writes it.. WRITE IT DOWN.”

“ The weekly quiz points and end of class exit points really add up! They can mean the difference between an A or B.”

“ Take color coded notes! And make sure to study for exit and weekly quizzes! It will become a major part of your grade!”

“ Remember the best way to study is to teach someone else ? You both learn that way, create study groups, As well as study guides. Study Guides are awesome on google documents, your group can create study guides together, on the same page, at the same time. Goodluck”

“ Color code your notes”

“ Stay current with the material and make sure you pay attention to what he says, not only to what he writes down; it’ll show up in quizzes and exams. Overall, he’s an excellent instructor, very thorough and always willing to help you understand the material.”

“ Really keep up with all the lecture material. You can do this with flash cards or even retyping your notes. They will help you for the weekly quizzes, midterms, and eventually the final exam. Try to relate the material to your everyday life because you’re likely to remember them better. Good luck!”

“ Be able to dedicate your self to this class for one full semester. It will take a lot of late nights, early morning study sessions to make sure your ready for each of Mr. Edens Exams. Don’t wait til the last minute to study for your exams bad idea. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions!! Enjoy !”“Take notes all the time, ask questions, and study all your notes.”

“ Take very specific notes and remember to study the equipment you use in the labs. Also if you just rewrite your sloppy notes it helps with memorization, which is key. Edens is a very clear instructor but if you have questions make sure you ask. “

“ Study A LOT and always go back to review the material so it stays fresh in you head for the final.”

“ Take good notes and you should be fine, but keep in mind the class itself is not easy. You need to study every week or else it just wont stick come the final. Good Luck.”

“ Study your notes and take notes of things he sais EVERYTHING is important. GOOOD LUCK”

“ Do the REVIEW QUESTIONS in the lab manual. Don’t wait until the end of the semester.”

“ Rewriting or reviewing your notes at least once a week. Form a study group with at least one or 2 people and just talk/review the notes. I used the app on my phone called “studydroid” to make flash cards (it helps because I’m ALWAYS on my phone) and review when youre just standing around or sitting in the car.”

“ Always come to class with an open mind as to how long the lecture can be at times. And try not to miss! Lectures always give great insight and information for all of the tests and weekly quizzes. STUDY THE MATERIAL…take good notes with your highlighters and colored pencils, those help a lot as well.”

“ Make you sure you come to class because the notes taken in class help you with the exit/weekly quizzes and also the midterms. If you miss class get the notes from somebody in class. Make sure you study and that should help you throughout the class.”

“ Come to class and take good notes. Re-write notes for midterm and final it really helps.” “Make sure you do not miss any days of class since EVERYDAY is an important day for your learning. Take really good notes during the pre-lecture and do the review questions since the beginning not at the end since it is very difficult to study that way. Enjoy the class and have FUN.”

“ Don’t miss any exams because you know Mr. Edens will drop the lowest score; you never know if you need to miss if you are sick. Take notes of what Mr. Edens writes on the board and also says verbally. Bring colored pens or colored pencils when taking notes; it will help understand a LOT! GOOD LUCK.”

“ Take good notes and write all the important one what he says. Don’t miss all the exams. And review or study the notes that you wrote.”

“ Take really good notes and really try and pay attention during class. I suggest rewriting or retyping notes. Its important that you DO NOT miss class! and be on time. You really have to take the time to study. Good Luck and Mr. Edens is a cool teacher he really knows his stuff!:)”

“ Listen closely to his lectures and make sure you write down everything he puts on the board and anything else he says on the side. It, most likely, will show up on exit exams or midterms. To study for weekly quizzes, I found it best to rewrite the previous lab notes. Overall, believe in yourself and study hard! You’ll do fine!”

“ Pay attention all the time and most of all understand the discussion not just memorizing. Don’t miss any class coz you will miss a lot of information. Always scan your notes or study it all the time to help remember everything. Good Luck.”

“ Take good notes and use different color pens or pencils because it is very helpful when reviewing your notes. Go over your notes every chance you get. Be well prepared for your weekly quizzes. If you ever have any doubts about something ask Mr. Edens he will help you. I asked every time and he was very happy to help. Study, study, study, and you will not fail. Good Luck!”

“ Make sure you come to every lab and take perfect notes. Record the lectures as well so you can review it at home. Go over everything that is mentioned in class as well as exit quizzes and weekly quizzes. If you need help ask Mr. Edens he is great with explaining things further if you need it. Good luck!!!”