Most of the laboratory exercises in this course are in the lab manual. However, the following lab exercises listed below are not in the lab manual. Click on each exercise to obtain a Microsoft Word document of the exercise. Please print out these exercises BEFORE the date we will perform them and bring them with you to class.


August 19, Tuesday:       Unit Factor method of problem solving


August 21, Thursday:       The metric system


August 26, Tuesday:         Math review


August 28, Thursday:         Diffusion and Osmosis


September 2, Tuesday:         Glucose determination


September 9, Tuesday:         Protein determination


September 11, Thursday and September 16, Tuesday:         Histology


September 18, Thursday and September 23, Tuesday:           Digestive histology


September 30, Tuesday:           Digestive enzymes


October 2, Thursday:           Hearing and Equilibrium


October 7, Tuesday:           Vision


October 9, Thursday:         Electrocardiogram (ECG)


October 23, Thursday:            Heart sounds


October 28, Tuesday:            RBC tests


October 30, Thursday:            Blood clotting system


November 4, Tuesday and November 11, Tuesday:            WBC counts


November 13, Thursday:          AIDS ELISA


December 2, Tuesday:            Respiration (spirometry)


December 4, Thursday:             Respiration (acid and base)


December 9, Tuesday:             Renal regulation of solutes


December 11, Thursday:           Clinical examination of urine