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FRC Polocies
LRC Policies

The LRC is an open lab available to all Faculty and Staff. The purpose of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is to provide Hartnell faculty and staff with a variety of technology resources. The LRC also offers a multitude of technology training and support; the LRC is staffed with one fulltime instructional technologist. Think of the LRC as a faculty/staff workspace, employees often come here to have lunch, grade assignments, work on content, or just to get away from it all.

A few things to keep in mind...

  • Users must sign in on the clipboard before using a computer.
  • Food and/or drinks are allowed on the patio or at the back tables only in the LRC.
  • It is recommended that a user bring a USB Jump Drive with you to the lab to save work (or use your Google Drive).  Do not save to the computer's hard drive as the files will be erased upon the next restart.
  • Please notify the LRC staff of any malfunctioning equipment.
  • Anyone using the lab is subject to the 'Technology Use Policy' which can be found here: Hartnell Board Policy 2115