Anatomy Internet Resources:




Grey’s Anatomy:


National Library of Medicine:   

There are many links in this site, Dream Anatomy accessed via is especially interesting.  images of papier-mache models  an assortment of links from Medline  interactive features are particularly good – require macromedia flash player discussion of imaging techniques – includes an interactive exercise – see also for images



Cells and Chemistry  interactive web site on cell structure – visit this site if you are not familiar with cell structure good background on cell structure, genetics and biotechnology – not needed for this course but good background from University of Arizona – web based tutorials and interactive quizzes – good review





Interactive lab resources:

Human – 

especially go to: Gross Anatomy lab on this site - for interactive quizzes – best with high speed connection  The upper and lower extremity muscle modules should be especially useful


Cat –  slide show – basic information  cat muscles