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Global Gigartinaceae
Pacific Gigartinaceae
South African Gigartinaceae
Chondracanthus taxonomy
Ancient Coralline DNA
Schizymenia dubyi
Grateloupia lanceolata
Invasive Reds
Mazzaella systematics
Minoan Blood
Pacific Mastocarpus
Porphyra suborbiculata
Hymeniacidon DNA
Herbarium DNA Algae
California Seaweed Notes
Minoan mtDNA

Photo of the Week
Krill (Crustacean) Eye
Tree of Life
Pine and Mycorrhizae
Fish and anemone
Kelp Forest
Moon Jelly
White Fairy Lantern
Flying Shark
White Fairy Lantern

Video of the Week
Hermit Crabs
Bacillaria clip
Clown Fish
ROV Video
Bone Scan
Flag-Pole Skater
Echinoderm Movie
Clown Fish
Great White




Office Hrs.- Monday 1:00-2:00 PM, Tuesday

1:00-2:00 PM, Wednesday 5:00-6:00 PM
Office- Merrill 26C
Phone- (831) 770-7054
Email- jhughey@hartnell.edu



Course Documents


If you do not have Powerpoint, download Powerpoint Viewer to access the files.

General Botany- Biology 3
Why Study Plants- 1/21/14 to 1/24/14.
Microscope Laboratory- 1/24/14.
Systematics Part I- 1/28/14. Tree of Life. Systema Naturae.
Systematics Part II- 1/31/14. Cladistics. Phylogeny Link.
Cyanobacteria- 2/4/14. Trichodesmium.
Lincoln’s Day Observed, College Closed- 2/7/14.
Fungi- 2/11/14. Hartig Net. Fungi.
Heterotrophic ‘Protista’- 2/18/14. Slug photos 1, 2, 3, 4.
Photosynthetic ‘Protista’- 2/21/14.
Bryophytes- 3/4/14. Bryophytes and Crime.
Seedless Vascular Plants- 3/7/14. Catapulting Fern Spores.
Gymnosperms- 3/14/14.
Introduction to the Angiosperms- 3/21/14.
Evolution of Angiosperms and fruits- 3/25/14. Fruit Types.
Early Development of Angiosperms- 3/28/14.
Cells and Tissues- 4/1/14.
Roots- 4/8/14.
Shoots- 4/11/14.
Secondary Growth- 4/22/14. Secondary Growth Video.
Ecology- 4/25/14. GIS and GPS. Basics Video. Verbal Video. Archeology. Plants. Invasive.
Chapters 31 and 32
Field Trip to Toro Park- meet at 2:30 pm, park outside the front gate
Hormones and External Factors- 5/2/14. Pulvinus. Insectivorous. Insectivorous 2.
Plant Nutrition, Soils, and Pathogens- 5/6/2014.
Genetics- 5/9/14.
USDA Directions- 5/13/14. Meet at 2:30 pm.


Research Paper- refer to Appendix A in your lab book and here and here.
Manuscript Review- go to PLOSONE and select a botanical manuscript to review, due 4/11/14

Hartnell Biology Tutorials
Wayne’s Word
Hartnell herbarium label

Marine Biology- Biology 30
Introduction and Scientific Method- 1/22/14.
Fundamentals of Biology- 1/29/14.
The Microbial World- 2/5/14.
Hydrothermal Vents and Vehicles- 2/12/14. ROV site and Photo1, Photo2, Photo3.
Seaweeds and Photosynthesis- 3/3/14. Seaweed Video.
Marine Invertebrates Part I- 3/10/13.
Marine Invertebrates Part II- 3/24/14.
Cartilaginous Fishes- 4/7/14. Slapping. Nature’s Vampires. Chimaera.
Bony Fishes- 4/21/14.
Marine Reptiles and Birds- 11/5/13. Shearwaters. Iguanas. Turtle Game. Turtles.
Examination #2 on Wednesday, complete all of study guide #2, bring 882-E Scantron


Reading Assignment for Quizzes
Ricketts Laboratory Photos from Byron Chong and other online sources.
Hartnell Biology Tutorials

Human Biology- Biology 42
Humans in the World of Biology- 1/27/14.
“Journey of Man” Video- 2/3/14. Answers to movie questions.
Body Organization and the Skin- 2/10/14.
Skeletal System and Joints- 2/24/14.
Muscular System- 3/3/14.
Digestive and Respiratory Systems- 3/10/14.
Blood and the Circulatory System- 3/24/14.
Nervous System- 4/7/14.
Drugs and Senses- 4/21/14.
Endocrine System- 4/28/14.

Hartnell Biology Tutorials



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