Forensic DNA Files For BIO 13 Reports

Select one of the following papers for your student report and write a 2-3 page summary.  Reports must be typed, single spaced, and printed using “Times New Roman” font size 11.  They should be written at a level that is comprehensible to your peers that are currently taking Biology 13.  You may also include a table and figure that you ‘copy’ directly from the paper if you feel this will help the reader understand your summary.  Reports are due on December 12th, 2013, no exceptions.  If you fail to hand the report in on time, you will receive a zero.  The report is worth 50 points.

Acer rubrum- Tree DNA
Allele Frequencies STRs
Amelogenin STR Typing
Analysis of DNA from Very Low Concentrations
Analysis of DNA from the World Trade Center
Azoospermic Analysis
Betalquid Chewing
Biomek DNA Extractions
Blood Spatter and DNA Recovery
Blood DNA and Effects of Presumptive Tests on Blood
Botanical Contributions
Bryophytes and Crime
Butler 2003
Capillary Engineering
Cat STRs
Chemical Warfare and DNA
“Cold Hit” and Errors
Contamination issues using STRs
Dandelion Juice and DNA Analysis
Daubert Status
Degradation and Amplification
Degraded DNA and Multiplex PCR
DNA Analysis of Ropes
DNA Degradation from Hair
DNA from Heroin Packages
DNA from Pipe Bombs
DNA from the Spinal Cord from Burned Specimens
DNA from Maggots
DNA Mixtures
DNA Envelopes Electron Beam
DNA Extraction BioRad
DNA Extraction Burned Bones
DNA Extraction Feces
DNA Extraction Hair
DNA Extraction Urine
DNA from Archived Bullet Wounds
DNA from Water Submerged Bones
DNA Preservation in Teeth
DNA Typing Athletics
Dog STRs
Dog mtDNA
Dog Biting DNA
Dog Population Data
Dogs and SNPs
DNA from an Earphone
Electrophoresis on Microchips
Evangelist Luke
Evaluation of DNA from Hair
Eye color DNA
Fly DNA Study
Fingernail DNA
Fingerprint DNA
Fingerprint DNA Contamination
FTA Cards and STRs
Grass DNA and Forensics
Guanacos Poaching and DNA
Hair Heteroplasmy
Hair Analysis and SWGDAM
Heteroplasmy and mtDNA
Hemastix and Effects on DNA
Identification of Earthquake McGoon
Interpretation of DNA Mixtures
Lip Cosmetics and DNA
Low Copy Number DNA Profiling
Lugol’s Test and DNA
Luminol Inhibition
Marijuana DNA Extractions
Marijuana and STRs
Mass Fatalities and DNA Statistics
Mass Nazi Grave Analysis
Minifiler Validation
Mini STR Loci
Mini STR with 26 Loci
Mitochondrial DNA and STR SNPs
Mitochondrial DNA and Caseworkers
Mitochondrial Haplogroups
Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroup H
Mitochondrial DNA, STR, and Maggots
Mitochondrial DNA Validation
Mitochondrial DNA and Teeth
Mitochondrial DNA and Differential Lysis
Mitochondrial DNA from Rape Case
Mixture Analysis
Multiplex Y-Chromosome
Multiplex Fast PCR
Oak Tree DNA
PowerPlex 16
Prepfiler DNA Extraction Method
Primers for FGA and vWA
Quantifiler Validation
Quantifiler DNA Extraction and Analysis
Quantifiler Observations
Quantitation and STR Analysis
Reduced Volume PCR
Review of Y-Chromosomal Markers
Romanov DNA
Seminal Fluid Evaluation
Serum and DNA Feasibility
Sexual Assault DNA Preparation
Skeletal Prep for DNA Analysis
Skeletal Remains and DNA Analysis
Skeletal Bone Weathering and DNA
SNPs, Alternatives to STR
SNPs and mtDNA
Sperm Cell Recovery Swabs and DNA
Strand Fly Larvae
STR Pipe Bomb Analysis
STRs vs. SNPs
STRs with 26 Loci
Swiss Air Flight 111
Texas Population STR Statistics
Third Reich Paternity
Tooth DNA Locations
Trace DNA
Urine and Doping DNA
Urine Typing
Value of DNA Analyses
Vasectomy and DNA
Y-Chromosome Megaplex
Y-Filer Validation
Y-Plex Genetics
Y-SNP Typing U.S. Populations
Y-STR from Poor Sperm Samples
Y-STR Typing and U.S. Populations