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 Syllabus for PEIN 25 - Intercollegiate Sports Conditioning
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Welcome to Mr. Matt Collins's Fall 2011 syllabus for
PEIN 25 - Intercollegiate Sports Conditioning
Course:   PEIN 25 - Intercollegiate Sports Conditioning
Section:   3501/3503
Division:   Physical Education/Athletics
Class Location:   FBFD
Class Times:   MTWTHF 5:00PM - 5:50PM
Instructor:   Mr. Matt Collins
Instructor's email:   mcollins@hartnell.edu
Office Location:   Physical Education Building, Room # 134
Office Hours:   Monday 9:00 - 10:00 am, Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 - 11:00 am
Phone:   831 770-6122

Welcome to Fall 2011!

Course Description
This course offers advanced instruction in all aspects of training for Varsity sport. This class will learn how to develop fundamentals and techniques for weight training and speed training. In addition, football specific agilities will be performed on a daily basis.

Course Objectives
Students should be able to learn the fundamentals and skills required to play collegiate football.
Students should be able to learn the technique, mechanics and agilities in efforts to increase athleticism.
Students should be able to demonstrate the fundamentals, skills and techniques that are taught on a daily basis.

Required Course Material

Grading Procedures
Absence in excess of 10% of the scheduled class meetings in classes from 1-5 weeks in duration may result in the instructor dropping the student. That is, a student may be dropped after missing one more
class meeting than 10% of the total number of scheduled class meetings.
4. When a student is dropped due to the
attendance policy, the assignment of a
“W” will be based on the drop occurring
before the 14th week for a full semester
class. After the 14th week, no drops are
allowed, and the only grades given will
be: A, B, C, D, F, NP, P. It is the
student’s responsibility to withdraw
formally from classes by the last day to
withdraw with a “W.” Any student who
stops attending a class without officially
dropping it in the Admissions & Records
Office may receive a grade of “F.”

Class Policies
No cell phones, eating or drinking in the classroom. Please refer to the student handbook.