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 Syllabus for PE 15 A - Theory and Analysis of Soccer
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Welcome to Mr. Daniel Ortega's Fall 2010 syllabus for
PE 15 A - Theory and Analysis of Soccer
Course:   PE 15 A - Theory and Analysis of Soccer
Section:   3602
Division:   Physical Education/Athletics
Class Location:   Unit B
Class Times:   T/Th 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Instructor:   Mr. Daniel Ortega
Instructor's email:   dortega@hartnell.edu
Office Location:   Physical Education Building, Room 110
Office Hours:   Tuesday 9am - 10am, Wednesday 12pm -1pm, Friday 11am - 12pm, or by appointment
Phone:   (831) 755-6839

Dear Student,
This class is intended for student's participating in intercollegiate soccer or any student looking into a career in sports coaching.

Course Description
This course provides instruction in the advanced techniques and strategies of soccer as played at the intercollegiate and professional levels. Advanced skills, strategies, and rules of the game are discussed and analyzed, while engaging in supervised and repetitive play.

Course Objectives
Cognitive Development Objective

1. Student should be able to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize the theoretical and practical aspects of soccer.
2. Student should be able to review and comprehend processes, forms, and responsibilities to become a successful athlete.
3. Student should be able to discuss coaching and team philosophy for the year.
4. Student should be able to assess the risk factors involved in intercollegiate soccer, and explain how to employ appropriate safety procedures that minimize those risk factors.
5. Student should be able to identify, apply, and interpret individual and team tactics.
6. Student should be able to comprehend, define, and define the rules of soccer.

Affective Development Objective

7. Students should be able to exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity setting.

Required Course Material
See Internent Links.

Grading Procedures
Attendance 60%
Participation 20%
Quizzes 20%

Class Policies
34 30 Class Days of Attendance A
29 27 Class Days of Attendance B
26 23 Class Days of Attendance C
22 20 Class Days of Attendance D
Below 19 Class Days of Attendance F