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 Syllabus for PEIN 25 - Intercollegiate Sports Conditioning
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Welcome to Mr. Daniel Ortega's Fall 2010 syllabus for
PEIN 25 - Intercollegiate Sports Conditioning
Course:   PEIN 25 - Intercollegiate Sports Conditioning
Section:   3502
Division:   Physical Education/Athletics
Class Location:   SRFD
Class Times:   MTWTHF 3:00 - 3:50
Instructor:   Mr. Daniel Ortega
Instructor's email:   dortega@hartnell.edu
Office Location:   Physical Education Building, Room 110
Office Hours:   Tuesday 9am - 10am, Wednesday 12pm -1pm, Friday 11am - 12pm, or by appointment
Phone:   (831) 755-6839

Dear Student,
This class is intended for members of the Hartnell intercollegiate soccer team.

Course Description
This course offers advanced instruction in all aspects of training for intercollegiate sport. This class will learn how to develop fundamentals and techniques for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, strength training, flexibility training, and speed training. In addition, soccer specific agilities will be performed on a daily basis.

Course Objectives
Physical Fitness Development Objective
1. Students should be able to participate and complete warm-ups, drills, and games designed to improve cardiovascular fitness.
2. Student should be able to increase overall physical conditioning.
Cognitive Development Objective
3. Student should be able to learn to develop and plan physical conditioning skills and activities required to play intercollegiate soccer.
Motor Skill Development Objective
4. Students should be able to demonstrate with an increasing degree of proficiency and acquisition proper techniques in executing flexibility exercises, core and leg strengthening exercises, and running exercises.
Affective Development Objective
5. Students should be able to value physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self expression, and /or social interaction.
6. Students should be able to exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity setting.

Required Course Material
Teacher Handouts

Grading Procedures
Attendance 60%
Participation 20%
Fitness Test 20%

Class Policies
Method of Instruction:
Drills to develop individual skills
Daily practice on basic soccer principles
Daily conditioning drills