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 Syllabus for GEOLOGY 2 - Introductory Geology
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Welcome to Mr. Robert Barminski's Spring 2005 syllabus for
GEOLOGY 2 - Introductory Geology
Course:   GEOLOGY 2 - Introductory Geology
Section:   6622
Division:   Science
Class Location:    MERRILL M8
Class Times:   MWF 9:00-9:50
Optional Field trips may be scheduled outside of class time. Rock On!
Instructor:   Mr. Robert Barminski
Instructor's email:   rbarmins@hartnell.edu and rbarminski@aol.com
Office Location:   Merill 9
Office Hours:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 to Noon
Phone:   831-770-7056

Geology is an art and a science.

Course Description
Catalog Description: A survey of the nature and structure of the materials composing the earth and the various processes that have shaped and are shaping its surface. The course includes plate tectonics, faults and earthquakes, volcanoes, land forms, minerals, rocks, and geologic maps.

Course Objectives
Instill in student knowledge and understanding of geology principles. Develop student?s appreciation of geology as a science. Exercise use of scientific attitudes and skills.

News Article: To emphasize the dynamic nature of the earth, each student will present to the class a (3 to 5 minute) power point presentation of a recent geology related article from a scientific or general publication. Be prepared to ask and answer questions regarding articles presented in class. News article material may become test questions. Turn in copy of article and disk with power point presentation at time of talk.

Required Course Material
Text: Lutgens & Tarbuck, Essentials of Geology, Eighth Edition. Recommended: Dictionary of Geology American Geological Institute. Bring text to class. Supplies: three ring binder for notes and handouts, SCANTRON Form 882 for quizzes and tests, SCANTRON Form 886 for Final Exam, pencil, good eraser, good attitude, colored pencils, dictionary, calculator.

Optional Course Material
Optional field trips and research paper.

Grading Procedures
Grades are based on quizzes, tests, final exam, newspaper article, notebook, and optional research paper or field trips as follows:

Activity Points earned Points possible Notes
4 quizzes 200
3 tests 300
News Article 50
Notebook 50
Final 100
Total 700
Optional Paper or field trip 100
Letter grades are based on percentages: > 90%=A, 80-89%=B, 70-79%=C, 60-69%=D

Class Policies
Interactive learning rather than lecture format, be prepared to participate and ask questions. Keep distractions to a minimum. No weapons of mass distraction (cell phones, Ipods).