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 Syllabus for OCN 1 - Oceanography
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Welcome to Mr. Robert Barminski's Fall 2006 syllabus for
OCN 1 - Oceanography
Course:   OCN 1 - Oceanography
Section:   5160 or 5161
Division:   Science
Class Location:   Merill 12
Class Times:   Tuesday & Thursday (5160) 9:30-10:45, (5161) 8:00-9:15 am
Instructor:   Mr. Robert Barminski
Instructor's email:   rbarmins@hartnell.edu and rbarminski@aol.com
Office Location:   Merill 9
Office Hours:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 to Noon
Phone:   831-770-7056

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Course Description
An Introductory course including plate tectonics, coastal geology, sediments, chemcial and phyical properties of sea water, weather and biological aspects.

Course Objectives
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To be distributed in class.

Required Course Material

Grading Procedures
To be distributed in Class.

Class Policies
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