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How to Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)

All students applying for Financial Aid will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA worksheet is available to assist you in applying online and is available in the Financial Aid Office and many other Student Services offices. There are two ways to apply:

1. Complete the FAFSA online application. Please make sure you have completed the FAFSA worksheet using the required tax and asset information before you begin completing the online version. This will make filing the FAFSA easier for you. If you need assistance completing the online FAFSA stop by our Money Monday workshops.

Don't forget to sign your FAFSA and have your parent sign (if applicable) your FAFSA. This can be done electronically with a pin number, or by printing and signing a signature page. If you need parent information on the FAFSA, then both student and parent must sign. Parents can also sign electronically with a PIN number.

If you sign the FAFSA online with a PIN and enter your e-mail address on the FAFSA, you will receive a response from the U. S. Department of Education very quickly. Typically, this response is sent within 72 hours to your e-mail via bulk e-mail. It is advisable to review your e-mails sent to junk, bulk, and spam files 72 hours after submitting the FAFSA. Once a FAFSA confirmation is received via e-mail, mark the U. S. Department of Education as a contact. This will ensure all future correspondence from the Department of Education is received.

If you mailed your signature page of the FAFSA on the Web, and did not provide an email address, in approximately two to four weeks, you will receive your Federal Student Aid Report (SAR). Soon after, you will also receive a letter and/or email from Hartnell's Financial Aid Office requesting that you complete and submit certain documents in order to complete your file which will determine your financial aid eligibility. In order to ensure timely processing, complete and return these documents to us promptly.

2. Mail in a completed and signed paper FAFSA application. Approximately four to six weeks after you mail in your FAFSA, you will receive your Federal Student Aid Report (SAR). This method of applying may delay your financial aid processing as it is a manual process.

You will receive a letter from Hartnell College once we have received your FAFSA information. This letter will tell you what you need to do next. Please respond promptly to all communication from our office to insure you receive your financial aid in a timely manner.