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Campus Fundraising Priorities

To ensure that Hartnell College Foundationís fundraising efforts were aligned with the needs of the college and community, a task force of college and community representatives convened over the 2005-06 school year to identify, review, and rank institutional priorities.

The resulting fundraising plan is an exciting list of six main priorities with several key initiatives that have already struck a chord with the community, a community that is eager to invest in and improve the quality of life in the Salinas Valley.

The planís main components are:
I. FUND FOR MAJOR FACILITIES AND NEW PROGRAMS: Current technologies in facilities and programs that prepare graduates with competitive job skills and vocational training.

II. FUND FOR STUDENT SUCCESS: An expanded educated citizenry in the Salinas Valley.

III. FUND FOR THE SCIENCES: Learning opportunities to develop analytical and problem-solving skills that prepare students for current and future careers in math, science, and engineering.

IV. FUND FOR PANTHER PRIDE (ATHLETICS): Advanced training for lifelong fitness; building healthy hearts, minds, and bodies through fitness and athletic competition.

V. FUND FOR THE ARTS: High quality artistic venues that foster and support creative thinking.

VI. FUND FOR SOUTH COUNTY: Outreach and program expansion for South County educational growth and development.

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