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Fund for the Arts

High quality artistic venues that foster and support creative thinking.

Key Strategic Initiatives   Fundraising Goal
Main Stage renovation   $680,000
Digital Arts program upgrade   $110,000
New Practice Room pianos   $22,500
Music concert series   $75,000
Art History classroom equipment   $25,000
Photography lab improvements   $85,000
Art Gallery improvements   $100,000
Total:   $1,097,500

Hartnell College is fortunate to have the kind of faculty and programmatic resources available for its performing and visual arts students that most community colleges can only dream about: a resident theater program of the highest caliber, a spacious art gallery, and inspiring faculty throughout the department. But many of the physical resources are showing their age. Moreover, technology upgrades must be made to properly serve our students, as these disciplines increasingly rely on technology, not only for the delivery of services but also as a core aspect of the profession of "artist."

In the Main Stage and studio theaters, private funds are needed for renovations that include a new sound system and sound system for hearing impaired patrons and students; rigging system; lobby improvements; studio theater seating; a new theater kiosk; seating and flooring; and upgrades to an electronic music studio. Funds also are needed to continue to develop new works for the stage.

The digital arts program, including both music and visual arts, requires computers and software that are supported by the rapidly changing industry and available technology. The current equipment in this popular area of study is badly out of date and cannot support the number of students interested in enrolling.

Nearly a hundred students enroll in piano classes each semester, and an even larger number of students in other music classes use pianos on campus for their studies, yet Hartnell has only seven pianos in practice rooms that have been in daily use for almost 40 years. Funds are needed to replace these old pianos.

Hartnell already is regarded as the cultural center for theater in the Valley. It also should be regarded as the cultural center for musical performance by instituting a music concert series of four to five concerts a year, free to the public.

Finally, funds are needed to improve facilities and equipment in the art history classroom, the photography darkroom and classroom, and the art gallery. Among the projects of pressing need are a resurfacing of the walls in the gallery and the addition of electrical outlets; reconfiguring the gallery’s lighting system; upgrading the collection and equipment storage; reconfiguring the darkroom to allow for large format photography processing; replacing 30-year-old enlargers; reconfiguring the photography space to make room for a shooting studio, computer work stations, an after work and mounting station, and a 45-seat classroom; installing rear screen digital projectors and dual computer workstations in the art history classroom while replacing all desks to accommodate 50 students.

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