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Fund for the Sciences:

Learning opportunities to develop analytical and problem-solving skills that prepare students for current and future careers in math and science and engineering.

Key Strategic Initiatives   Fundraising Goal
Planetarium Fund   $285,000
Fund for Nursing Excellence (endowed) and Nursing Equipment   $775,000
Physics & Engineering Equipment & Technology Fund   $588,000
Total:   $1,648,600

Hartnell is fast becoming a leader in the sciences, attracting some of the area’s top science students who go on to earn prestigious internships, scholarships, and awards at UC Santa Cruz and its Center for Advanced Optics, the Naval Postgraduate School, NASA, and the Society of Physics Students, to name a few.

Private funding is necessary in three key areas of the sciences. The Planetarium Fund would purchase new star shows, a seamless dome screen, an "image anywhere" device, technology updates to the Mediaglobe II Digital Planetarium projector, and planetarium field trips for local K-12 schools.

The Nursing Fund would target four important areas as Hartnell trains students to fill the community’s critical need for competent, professional nurses: scholarships, equipment and supplies, multimedia teaching technology, and faculty professional development.

The Physics and Engineering Technology Fund will keep our most diligent and successful students on a path of learning that is as advanced as that of their peers in the four-year university systems by purchasing computer hardware and software for the next two generations of technology updates in two different laboratories on campus.

Private funds in the amount of $1,648,000 are needed to fund the program in the sciences.

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