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Fund for South County:

Outreach and program expansion for South County educational growth and development.

Key Strategic Initiatives   Fundraising Goal
Upgrade and expansion of the King City Education Center   $150,000
Creation of English as a Second Language Institute   $500,000
Total:   $650,000

Since the King City Education Center opened, our climbing enrollments in South County show us that the need for general education classes and classes that qualify our students for transfer is also growing. This fund will help with technology upgrades and equipment to keep the King City Education Center relevant and current.

The largest unmet need in South County is to make English language learning available in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. We propose to create an English as a Second Language Institute. This will involve significant outreach, research to determine the most effective practices and implementation methods, and coordination with local K-12 and adult schools, businesses, and community groups.

Private funding in the amount of $650,000 is needed to ensure that the educational needs of our South County residents are met by Hartnell College.

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