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Creating an Endowment

The best way to provide for the future of Hartnell College is to create an endowment that provides support to the school in perpetuity.

The Hartnell College Foundation has established policies and procedures for creating endowments. If this interests you, please contact Beverly Grova at (831) 755-6810 so that we can discuss ways for an endowed gift to meet your philanthropic goals.

Named Endowed Funds

An endowed fund is a perpetual fund, established and named by a donor, for scholarships, special projects, designated campus areas, or other purposes compatible with the priorities of the college.

The minimum needed to establish an endowed fund is $10,000.

You may establish criteria for the fundís disbursement at the time your fund is established, subject to Foundation approval. You may also name the fund. Many donors choose to honor a loved one, an inspirational teacher or mentor, or an important milestone event.

Funds will be held in perpetuity and only the allocated earnings are distributed. Funds will be available for disbursement one year after the fund is established. Endowed funds are invested in accordance with the investment policies approved by the Hartnell College Foundation.

A signed endowment form must be received by the Hartnell College Foundation to establish a fund.

Accumulating Fund

You may create an accumulating fund, which allows three years to reach the endowment level. The fund will be placed in a temporarily restricted account until the endowment level is reached. No interest is received until the minimum level of $10,000 is reached. Donors may wish to provide an annual gift for distribution in addition to the endowment contribution while the fund is building.

Named Annual Funds

You may wish to establish an annual fund, which is a fund to which you contribute each year. You may name this fund and establish criteria for the fund at the time it is established. This type of fund does not accrue interest. A minimum annual gift of $1,000 is needed to establish this type of fund.

If you would like to give a gift in a lesser amount, please consider contributing to one of our general scholarship funds.