No. 26

Cover Art

Christine Hamm

For Jenny



Robert Detman

What We Have Seen Waiting
for the War to End
Central Coast Writers
(CCW Writing Contest)

Winner, Poetry


Susan Florence

Finalists, Poetry

Lisa Minacci

The Coyotes’ Story

Maria Ercilla

Dragging Dusk Behind Them

Mary Anne Anderson

Winner, Fiction

Michael Nassberg

Magic 8-Eyeball
Finalists, Fiction
Monica Woelfel Yellow Brick Road
Dominique Maldonado Just a Day

Natalie K. Wendt

First Last Time

Eileen Kennedy


Brian C. Felder

Soul Mates

Dorothea Kewley

The Burning Bush

John Grey

Poetic Play

John Kay

Paradise Lost

Patricia Merrifield


Laura LeHew

The Origin of Sorrow

J. Javier Zamora

8th Grade Blues

Christine Hamm

Three Poems

James Duke

Good Fight

Gerald Zipper

Two Poems

David Velazquez

Mal suerte

Randy Chavez

Un beso movido

Andy Jones

Alcoholic’s Bucolic

Laura Buermann


James Cushing

Responsible Adults

E. Shaun Russell

The Mercenary

JW Major

Read Your Obituary

Rick Christman

A Matter of Geography

A.D. Winans

Two Poems

John T. Hitchner

Hard Love

Richard Luftig

Along the Susquehanna

Louis Daniel Brodsky

Two Poems

Bernice Rendrick

Reading Jack Gilbert on a Rainy Day

Ariono`-jovan Labu’


Lisa M. Cronkhite

Her Last Bipolar Attack

Jane Stuart

Cinquains (Quick Rain)

Richard Dinges, Jr.

Two Poems

Joanne Tolson

The Serpent’s Head

Jean Esteve

The Memory Game

Jonathan Greenhause

A Thin Covering of Rust

Michael S. Morris

From Everywhere on Earth

Cleo Fellers Kocol

Scissors Cut Paper

Catherine McCraw

Memory Loss

Clay Waters

The Straight-Up Vodka Man

Brad Buchanan

The Underwater Waltz

Raul Martinez

Two Poems

Arthur Gottlieb

Civil Wars Are the Hardest Kind

Joan Colby

Two Poems

Carol Hamilton

To the Unexamined Life

Frank De Canio

Guerilla Grrrl

Jack Crawford

Simply to Be

Kenneth DiMaggio

Poem from the Vandalized Chalkboard Age of Western Civilization (Dumpster)

Deborah H. Doolittle

Paul Gauguin’s The Siesta

James Doyle

In That Country

Jason Van Blaricom

The Book of Simon

Valerie Guardiola

Flawless Measure

David Scheler

The Distance

Baker Scott

Black Panther

Rod Farmer


Christina Matthews

Mauritius Owl

Oonagh C. Doherty

Worm Flingers

Brian Brown


David Michael Nixon

Friends Meeting Wherever We Are

Lance Calabrese

Refracting blue absorbing black

Jennifer Lagier Fellguth

Four Poems

Hagan Pedersen

Ars Poetica

John P. Kristofco

To Listen Once Again

David Spiering

the sacrament of the poet

Calvin W. Johnson

Wyoming highway

Miriam Jones

The New Mythmakers

Kim Addonizio

Splendor Hour

Notes on Contributors