No. 29




In Memoriam  

Cover Art

  Rodeo Clown by Jim Gavenus
Poetic Voices Contest Winner Joe Niduaza

CCW 2012 Writing Contest Winners:



Robert Walton Like a Thorny Child
Tia Creighton I Blame Dorothy Hamill
Marian Kaplun Shapiro Rape
Stephen J. Werner Parts Per Billion
CCW Poetry Finalists  
Helga Kidder X-Poem
Aaron DiFranco Garden Guerillas in the Cities
Jeff Fearnside Maps and Compasses
Doug Margeson Went the Day Well
Kate Aver Avraham

Three Poems

Laura Bayless Three Poems
Richard Allen Bunch Two Poems
Robert Cooperman The Bank Teller's Weekend
Kenneth DiMaggio Three Poems
Richard Dinges, Jr. Two by Two
George Gott Two Poems
Victor Henry Three Poems
Dennis Herrell Three Poems
David James Nothing Will Save Us
Dustin Junkert Another Poem on the Bedpost
Jennifer Lagier Waiting for Resurrection
John Laue Three Poems
Mitch LesCarbeau Two Poems
Zach Lewis Grower Stronger
Lyn Lifshin Three Poems
Gene McCormick The House Painter
B.Z. Niditch Sister's Liberation
Stanley Noah Two Poems
Shari O'Brien Three Poems
Simon Perchik *
Dan Phillips Three Seasons in Taos
David Rogers Three Poems
Linda Scheller Three Poems
Vera Schwarcz No Judas This
Robin Shepard Three Poems
Julie Titus Fields Filled With Strength
A.D. Winans Two Poems
Book Review:  
Maria Garcia Teutsch Talking Doll by J. Hope Stein
Notes on Contributors