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Section 125 Flexible Spending Plan

Open Enrollment for January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014 plan participation is closed

The Sect 125 enrollment window runs each November, simultaneously with the health insurance open enrollment window, for plan enrollment changes effective January 1st.

New employees and employees who have experienced a "life event" may enroll outside the open enrollment window, during the plan year.

Employees may receive a monthly, District-paid contribution to their Section 125 Healthcare Reimbursement Account if enrolled in healthcare coverage costing less than the "Base Plan." Employees may also voluntarily elect to participate in the Section 125 Reimbursement plan by enrolling to have pre-tax contributions from their own paycheck contributed to their Healthcare or Dependent Day Care Reimbursement Account.

PayFlex Services is the District's Sect 125 plan administrator. The below links provide detailed information about the benefits of enrolling in the plan and how it works:

Also see below District information necessary for plan enrollment:

Shared Savings Calculation (Base Plan vs. Option Plan Calculation)
(District contribution amounts per each medical plan)

Employee Pay Check Cycle

(When contributions are applied during the plan year)

Process Information & Instructions
Enrollment Form

Reimbursement Claim Form Instructions
Reimbursement Claim Form