How to Search CQ Researcher

When to use CQ Researcher

Why use CQ Researcher

How to access CQ Researcher from the Hartnell Library web page

If you access CQ Researcher from on campus, you will immediately see a screen similar to the one below. If you access CQ Researcher from off campus, you will be prompted to enter your Cat Card number (you must first register with the Hartnell Library). Once you enter your card number, you will be taken to the CQ Researcher opening screen.

Once you have typed in your search term and clicked Go, you are given links to issues that discuss your topic.

To access one of the issues in the list, click on the title. For example, clicking on the number 3 title, Illegal Immigration, would retrieve the following issue:

Notice my search term, immigration, appears highlighted within the abstract text. You may access the full report, overview, background, current situation, outlook, special focus, chronology, Pro/Con, bibliography and other portions of information within this issue by clicking on the hyperlinks that appear at the top of the CQ Researcher main page.

You may learn more about CQ Researcher by clicking the FAQ link on the upper right hand side of the main CQ Researcher page.

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