Final Project: Annotated Bibliography

This final project will be an annotated bibliography on a topic of your choice related to some aspect of Social Sciences. You may choose a topic dealing with anthropology, history, political science, education, psychology, business, sociology, statistics, or geography.

To help guide your search for information, you will need to narrow your topic to create a focused research question.

Your bibliography should include your name, the research question your sources address, followed by a list of ten sources. Each source must be correctly formatted in APA format.

Each correctly formatted citation will be followed by a paragraph of text which provides a brief summary of what the source is about, how it relates to your topic, and how you located the source. You will also indicate whether the source is a scholarly or non-scholarly publication.

Here is an example of an annotated bibliography. Yours should resemble this model.

In addition to the annotated bibliography, you will submit a brief (1-2 pages) research process paper in which you describe how you began your research, how and why you selected your topic, what sources you used to find information, and any problems or obstacles you encountered along the way. I’m looking for evidence you are applying skills and knowledge you learned in this class to research, locate, evaluate, select, annotate and correctly cite appropriate resources.

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