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Career and Job-Hunting

Selected Resources

CALL NO: HB2615 C2
MAIN TITLE: California occupational guide

CALL NO: HD4885 U5 F47 1994
TITLE: Ferguson's Guide to Apprenticeship Programs

CALL NO: HD5724 A583 1995
TITLE: America's 50 Fastest Growing Jobs

CALL NO: HD5725 M6 C2 1992
TITLE: Occupational Outlook, Monterey County, 1992

CALL NO: HD8038 U5 A68 1993
TITLE: The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries

CALL NO: HF5381 E52 1990
TITLE: Encyclopedia of Careers

CALL NO: HF5382 K68 1993
AUTHOR: Krannich, Ronald L.
MAIN TITLE: The best jobs for the 1990s & into the 21st century

CALL NO: HF5382 S632 1995
MAIN TITLE: Specialty occupational outlook: professions / Joyce
Jakubiak, editor.

CALL NO: HF5382.5 U5 C65
TITLE: The complete guide for occupational exploration.

CALL NO: HF5382.5 U5 S65 1992
AUTHOR: Smith, Carter.
MAIN TITLE: America's fastest growing employers: the complete guide to finding jobs with over 700 of America's hottest companies

CALL NO: HF5382.7 R557 1996
AUTHOR: Riley, Margaret.
MAIN TITLE: The guide to Internet job searching

CALL NO: HF5382.75 U6 B65 1997
AUTHOR: Bolles, Richard Nelson.
MAIN TITLE: Job hunting on the Internet

CALL NO: HF5382.75 U6 J36 1995
AUTHOR: Jankowski, Katherine E.
MAIN TITLE: The job seeker's guide to socially responsible companies

General Works:
TITLE: Environmental career directory: practical, one-stop guide to getting a job preserving the environment.

CALL NO: HD6072.5 A43 1992
AUTHOR: Albert, Susan Wittig.
MAIN TITLE: Work of her own: how women create success and fulfillment off the traditional career track

CALL NO: HF5381 B798 1997
AUTHOR: Butler, Timothy.
MAIN TITLE: Discovering your career in business

CALL NO: HF5381 G919 1995
AUTHOR: Gurvis, Sandra.
MAIN TITLE: The off-the-beaten path job book: you can make a living and have a life!

CALL NO: HF5381 M46 1992
AUTHOR: Michelozzi, Betty Neville.
MAIN TITLE: Coming alive from nine to five: the career search handbook

CALL NO: HF5381 S257 1991
AUTHOR: Saltzman, Amy, 1958-
MAIN TITLE: Downshifting: reinventing success on a slower track

CALL NO: HF5381.5 M568 1995
AUTHOR: Montross, David H.
MAIN TITLE: Real people, real jobs: reflecting your interests in the world of work: 40 people tell their stories

CALL NO: HF5382.5 U5 B88
TITLE: Peterson's job opportunities for business and liberal arts graduates.

CALL NO: HF5382.5 U5 C65
TITLE: The complete guide for occupational exploration.

CALL NO: HF5382.5 U5 K69 1989
AUTHOR: Krannich, Ronald L.
MAIN TITLE: Careering and re-careering for the 1990's: the complete guide to planning your future

CALL NO: HF5382.7 B64
AUTHOR: Bolles, Richard Nelson.
TITLE: What color is your parachute?

CALL NO: HF5382.7 K693 1992
AUTHOR: Krannich, Ronald L.
MAIN TITLE: Dynamite cover letters

CALL NO: HF5382.7 K7 1989
AUTHOR: Krannich, Ronald L.
MAIN TITLE: Network your way to job and career success: the complete guide to creating new opportunities

CALL NO: HF5382.7 L34 1989
AUTHOR: LaFevre, John L.
MAIN TITLE: How you really get hired: the inside story from a college recruiter

CALL NO: HF5382.75 U6 C66 1986
AUTHOR: Cooper, Emory L., 1950-
MAIN TITLE: The student's guide to the job search

CALL NO: HF5382.75 U6 F37 1996
AUTHOR: Farr, J. Michael.
MAIN TITLE: The very quick job search: get a better job in half the time

CALL NO: HF5382.75 U6 F752 1995
AUTHOR: Friedenberg, Joan E.
TITLE: Finding a job in the United States. Spanish

CALL NO: HF5383 B46 1982
AUTHOR: Biegeleisen, J. I. (Jacob Israel), 1910-
MAIN TITLE: Job resumes: how to write them, how to present them, preparing for interviews (includes a list of 100 questions most often asked by the interviewer)

CALL NO: HF5383 H64 1984
AUTHOR: Holtz, Herman.
MAIN TITLE: Beyond the resume : how to land the job you want

CALL NO: HF5383 M18 1990
AUTHOR: McDaniels, Carl.
MAIN TITLE: Developing a professional vita or resume

CALL NO: HF5384 F35 1987
AUTHOR: Falvey, Jack, 1938-
MAIN TITLE: What's next? : career strategies after 35

CALL NO: HF5384 K69 1991
AUTHOR: Krannich, Ronald L.
MAIN TITLE: The educator's guide to alternative jobs & careers

CALL NO: HF5384 M67 1990
AUTHOR: Moreau, Daniel, 1949-
MAIN TITLE: Kiplinger's take charge of your career : how to survive and profit from a mid-career change

CALL NO: HF5549 I6 A44 1983
AUTHOR: Allen, Jeffrey, 1943-
MAIN TITLE: How to turn an interview into a job

CALL NO: HF5549.5 I6 A43 1988
AUTHOR: Allen, Jeffrey G., 1943-
MAIN TITLE: The complete Q & A job interview book

CALL NO: JK716 K684 1992
AUTHOR: Krannich, Ronald L.
MAIN TITLE: Find a federal job fast!

CALL NO: LC1037 C65
MAIN TITLE: Competency, careers, and college / David E. Drew, guest editor.

CALL NO: P95 S57
AUTHOR: Smith, Rosalie H. (Rosalie Haiblum)
MAIN TITLE: How to talk your way to a better job

CALL NO: TA157 P48
TITLE: Peterson's job opportunities for engineering, science, and computer graduates.

MAIN TITLE: Not just a job [videorecording] : career planning for women / produced by Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc. with Radcliffe Career Services of Radliffe College ; produced and directed by Margaret Lazarus, Renner Wunderlich.

CALL NO: VT 251 v. 3
MAIN TITLE: Promotion [videorecording] : solving the puzzle / LSI Communications and Bell Atlantic ; producer, Greg Foltz; director, Clark Santee.

MAIN TITLE: Vocational education [videorecording] : is it for you?

CALL NO: VT 1161
AUTHOR: Meltebeke, Renette.
MAIN TITLE: Work in America [videorecording]

CALL NO: VT 1177
MAIN TITLE: Interview techniques and resume tips for the job applicant [videorecording]