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Language and Literature Arts

19th Century British and Irish Authors
American and English Literature Internet Resources
American Literature
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
U.C.Berkeley Library: Research Tools for English and American Literature
Center for Reformation & Renaissance Sources Web Resources
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Early Modern Literary Studies
Edmund Spenser Home Page
Eighteenth-Century Resources: Literature
Eighteenth-Century Studies
EServer: Accessible Writing
Foreign Languages Resources
French Language Sites
Full Text Literature Resources on the Web
General Literature and Literature Web Sites
Indiana University Libraries--English and American Literature
IPL Online Texts Collection
Italian Language Sites
John Milton: The Milton-L Home Page
Literary Resources -- American
Literary Resources -- Classical and Biblical
Literary Resources -- Feminism and Women's Literature
Literary Resources -- Medieval
Literary Resources -- Miscellaneous
Literary Resources -- Other National Literatures
Literary Resources -- Renaissance
Literary Resources -- Romantic
Literary Resources -- Theatre and Drama
Literary Resources -- Theory
Literary Resources -- Twentieth-Century British and Irish
Literary Resources -- Victorian British
Native American Authors
The New Bartleby: Great Books Online
Nineteenth Century Studies
Old English Pages
The On-Line Books Page
Online Literary Resources
PBS Online
Poetry -- Contemporary Poetry Review
Project Bartleby Archive
Project Gutenberg
Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
Romantic Links, Electronic Texts, Home Pages, and Syllabi
Russian Internet Resources
Tables of Contents for All Issues of Postmodern Culture
The Victorian Web Overview
Victorian Web Sites
The Victorian Women Writers Project
Voice of the Shuttle
The Web Concordances