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3+1 Program Gives Hartnell Students Baccalaureate Option

January 11th, 2007

Getting a bachelorís degree just got as easy as one-two-three. . . . plus one.

Three plus one--or as they say it, 3+1 - is the name of a program that gives graduates of selected community colleges a way to earn a bachelor's degree without leaving their hometowns.

Through this cooperative program between Hartnell College and Indiana University, Hartnell students can earn a bachelorís degree from the Big Ten powerhouse by spending a third year at Hartnell and then completing a fourth year, or 30 semester hours, through distance education classes given by Indiana University.

Under the 3+1 program, students at Hartnell will be able to earn up to 90 units of transfer credit at their home campus. Once admitted to Indiana University, the students will complete 30 semester hours of upper-division credit by taking distance education courses through the Independent Study Program at Indiana's School of Continuing Studies. By taking these courses, students can fulfill the requirements for the IU Bachelor of General Studies degree.

Generally, the path for community college students to earn a bachelor's degree is to transfer to a four-year school after completing an associate's degree. For some students, the costs associated with living away from home prove too big an obstacle to overcome. With 3+1, students can take an additional 30 transferable units at Hartnell, the equivalent of a third year, before completing their Bachelor of General Studies degree through distance education at Indiana University.

"We are delighted to join Hartnell College in this program, which allows students to earn a valued Indiana University degree without having to relocate to an Indiana University campus," said Dan Bopp, director of the IU General Studies Degree Program.

Representatives at Hartnell are also excited about the 3+1 program.

"The partnership between Hartnell College and Indiana University offers students the tremendous convenience of taking classes locally, within the constraints of their work and life schedules," says Dr. Lisa Miller, director of Hartnellís Online and Distance Learning Program. "The Bachelorís in General Studies is a flexible degree program that provides students with a strong educational base for many careers."

Current students could start planning for this degree now, and students who earned their associateís degree years ago could elect to come back to school to finish their bachelorís degree this way.

One exciting possibility available to students from all over the country, says Miller, is to earn one of Hartnellís online certificates, take online general education courses for their associate's degree, and then earn the Indiana University bachelorís degree online. Hartnell currently offers 34 classes online, including a fully online Administration of Justice certificate. The online program continues to grow: Starting in the fall of 2007, Hartnell will offer courses for fully online certificates in computer science and in digital and web design.

Hartnell College has been serving students in the Salinas Valley since 1920; Indiana University opened in 1820. The IU General Studies Degree Program has served tens of thousands of students since 1975.