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Hartnell has new Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

February 10th, 2014

SALINAS, Calif. - At its February 4, 2014 meeting, the Board of Trustees of the Hartnell Community College District adopted new vision, mission, and values statements for Hartnell College effective immediately. Over many months college personnel assessed the existing vision and mission statements and then developed new statements.

Values statements are new to the college and have been adopted for the first time. These statements together provide the foundation for all planning and decision-making. Values are the essential enduring tenets that guide Hartnell College. They set forth what we believe and they define how we conduct ourselves. At the core of these values is the student.

"The new vision, mission, and values statements provide a framework for the work of Hartnell College in meeting the learning needs for the residents of our District," said Superintendent/President, Dr. Willard Lewallen. “These powerful statements, along with the recently adopted strategic plan, will set the course of Hartnell College for the next 5 years.”

The vision statement provides direction and guidance for those who work at the college. It serves as a guide for choosing current and future actions and defines what Hartnell wants to be known for. Dr. Lewallen added, "In the Salinas Valley we don't just grow lettuce, we grow leaders. Hartnell College is growing leaders through opportunity, engagement, and achievement."

"I am inspired by the work of our faculty, students, staff, and administrators in developing the statements and the plan," continued Dr. Lewallen, adding that the thoughtful dialog and discussion surrounding the future of Hartnell College is uplifting. "Most of all, I am inspired by the success of our students who will be taking their rightful place as leaders of our communities, our state, the nation, and the world. We are in good hands."

The new mission statement defines the purpose of Hartnell College and who we serve. We are committed to meeting the learning needs of residents of the Salinas Valley and we accomplish that through diverse education opportunities that lead to student learning and student success.

The new Vision, Mission, and Values Statements read as follows:


Vision Statement

Hartnell College will be nationally recognized for the success of our students by developing leaders who will contribute to the social, cultural, and economic vitality of our region and the global community.


Mission Statement

Focusing on the needs of the Salinas Valley, Hartnell College provides educational opportunities for students to reach academic goals in an environment committed to student learning, achievement, and success.


Values Statements

  • Students First

We believe the first question that should be asked when making decisions is “What impact will the decision have on student access, learning, development, achievement, and success?”

  • Academic and Service Excellence

We commit to excellence in teaching and student services that develop the intellectual, personal, and social competence of every student.

  • Diversity and Equity

We embrace and celebrate differences and uniqueness among all students and employees. We welcome students and employees of all backgrounds.

  • Ethics and Integrity

We commit to respect, civility, honesty, responsibility, and transparency in all actions and communications.

  • Partnerships

We develop relationships within the college and community, locally and globally, that allow us to grow our knowledge, expand our reach, and strengthen our impact on those we serve.

  • Leadership and Empowerment

We commit to growing leaders through opportunity, engagement, and achievement.

  • Innovation

Through collaboration, we seek and create new tools, techniques, programs, and processes that contribute to continuous quality improvement.

  • Stewardship of Resources

We commit to effective utilization of human, physical, financial, and technological resources.


Hartnell Community College District

The Hartnell CCD serves over 15,000 students annually through its main campus in Salinas, the Alisal Campus in East Salinas, the King City Education Center, and various outreach learning centers throughout the Salinas Valley. Hartnell College, a Hispanic Serving Institution, provides workforce training, basic skills courses, and prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Hartnell College is recognized for its innovative public and private partnerships that support world class STEM education, career technical education, fine and performing arts, humanities, and athletics. We are growing leaders through opportunity, engagement, and achievement. For more about Hartnell CCD, visit www.hartnell.edu.