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Hartnell College Announces New Intranet

February 20th, 2003

Hartnell College's Web Administrator, James Fitch, announced the unveiling of the new Hartnell "Faculty and Staff Intranet." The Intranet is an interactive web site dedicated to the dissemination and sharing of faculty and staff related information, tools and resources.

"In a monumental effort to increase our internal communications, we are taking full advantage of the latest available online technology," Fitch said. "Among the many new features in our Intranet is a discussion forum where anyone can join in and discuss any topic they want."

Another new feature is the "Hartnell Faculty and Staff Knowledge Base" which is an interactive FAQ where people can search for answers, procedures, forms or additional information regarding problems, questions or requests that need to be resolved. "There is also a department directory where one can select a department to view meeting minutes, contact information, calendars and announcements," Fitch added. He urged the Hartnell College staff to "actively contribute and help make the Intranet a success."

For further information about the new Intranet contact Fitch at (831) 759-6003 or email at jfitch@hartnell.edu.