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Wireless Computers For Math and Science Students At Hartnell College

March 14th, 2003

Pre-transfer students in Math and Science at Hartnell College will now have 16 wireless laptop computers to work with. "Thanks to a Federal Title Five Grant," said Hartnell College Math and Science Instructor Garrett Kenehan.

"They can access the Hartnell College Network, get accounts and textbook supplements and videos and even send a file to be printed without wiring," Kenehan said. "We can wheel the mobile cart into different classroom so there are more students who will have access."

While the laptops are in the mobile cart they are recharging. "Because we don't have to spend money putting in overhead wiring we were able to get more computers for students to use," Kenehan explained.

For further information about the wireless laptops call Kenehan at (831) 755-6920.