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The Nakatanis To Speak at Hartnell College

March 17th, 2003

Come to Hartnell College and experience the transformation of a family from grief to healing, from brokenness to wholeness. Back, by popular demand, on Friday,

April 11th from noon to 1 p.m. in the college's Performing Arts Building, room 125.

Al and Jane Nakatani will share how they survived the heart -wrenching deaths of all three of their children, one to violence and two to AIDS. "Their story has been told through the compelling book by Molly Fumia, Honor Thy Children," said Hartnell College Psychology Instructor, Dr.Yoshiko Matsushita-Arao. "Their middle son was shot to death at a taco stand when he was just 23. Then the other two boys moved back home and died slowly."

Before their youngest son died in 1994 he began a public AIDS awareness campaign. "He touched the lives of more than 40,000 and he contacted Molly Fumia about telling their story," Dr. Matsushita-Arao said. "Al and Jane eloquently discuss how prejudice, discrimination and ignorance lead to human denigration (the product of life experiences and messages that degrade and destroy people on the basis of who they are, without consideration as to their conduct as individuals) and encourage us to promote acceptance of human diversity."

The Hartnell College Social Science Department is sponsoring the presentation and there is no charge. There will be a book signing immediately following their presentation. "I would recommend that audience members read the book, Honor Thy Children before attending, or they can watch their videotape with the same title. Because of our short presentation time we cannot show the video at that time," Dr. Matsushita-Arao said.

The videotape may be checked out from the reserve desk and previewed in the college library. For more information, contact Dr. Matsushita-Arao at (831) 755-6781.