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Hartnell Hosts Community Forum on Ethical Responsibility and Violence

March 19th, 2008

On Wednesday evening, April 9, 2008, Hartnell College will host a community forum on Ethical Responsibility and Violence. The two-hour event begins at 7 p.m. in the Main Stage Theatre in the Performing Arts Facility on the main campus at 411 Central Avenue in Salinas.

The event is the brainchild of philosophy professor John Himelright.

“Many of my Hartnell students expressed cynicism when I informed them about our forum," Himelright said. “’Nothing will change,’ was a response from one student. We need to counter this mood, so inimical to both our communities and to individual flourishing, with the hope that ethics can show us what we should do, even when the track record of humanity has often been less than illustrious in the moral realm.”

“One of our goals,” Himelright continued, “will be to assail this defeatist opinion along with its concomitant apathy. This is the great hope of ethical reflection.”

Participating in the forum along with Himelright will be Dr. Phoebe Helm, president of Hartnell College; Salinas Mayor Dennis Donohue; Brian Contreras, executive director of Second Chance Youth Programs; Trevor Iida, Community Safety Director, and Claudia Pizarro, executive director of Partners for Peace.

The evening will include specific recommendations and information about local programs and procedures that enable all community members to become constructively active in violence prevention.

The event is free and everyone in the community is encouraged to attend. For more information contact John S. Himelright at tojohobbes@comcast.net or at (831) 335-7676.