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Hartnell Students to Receive Diversity Training on 'Train of Consciousness'

April 12th, 2004

35 Hartnell College students will take a field trip April 21-25 on the "Train of Consciousness" to increase their awareness of racism, prejudice and discrimination.

Joining the Hartnell students will be five Cabrillo College students; most of the participants plan to become teachers and are enrolled in Hartnell's Center for Teacher Education Program.

During a train ride to Los Angeles, the participants - with the assistance of trained student facilitators - will analyze stereotypes and discuss discrimination.

In Los Angeles, students will be exposed to the effects of institutionalized racism through history by visits to the Museum of Tolerance, the Chinese American Museum, the Japanese American Museum, and the Museum in Black.

On the train ride home, students will learn alternatives of prejudicial thinking and speaking, and make commitments to help end all types of prejudice throughout their communities and lives.

Denise Cook, director of Hartnell's Center for Teacher Education, hired the Train of Consciousness, a non-profit organization based in Santa Cruz, for the diversity training. She said grants from the U.S. Department of Education and CSU, Monterey Bay, plus a center fundraiser provided funds for the trip.

For more information on the field trip, call Leslyn McCallum of the Train of Consciousness at (831) 471-0166.