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Much Financial Aid Available to Students Who Attend Hartnell College

July 18th, 2003

Last year more than $4 million in financial aid was distributed to students at Hartnell College. And there is even more available to students who apply and qualify, according to MaryHelen Dorado, acting financial aid director.

"So many students attend Hartnell College who are eligible for financial aid and are not aware of the many forms of assistance available to them," said Dorado.

She said about 60 percent of Hartnell's students receive some form of financial aid via federal and state programs. A wide range of grants, loans, college work-study awards and scholarships are available for Hartnell students, Dorado added.

The fall semester at Hartnell begins Monday, August 18. Dorado urges students to apply immediately for financial aid. She stresses that it "costs absolutely nothing to apply for financial aid, and forms are much less complicated and intimidating than in past years."

For example, she said, to apply for most types of financial aid, students need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available on the Web as well as in print and available in both English and Spanish. Her office provides staff members and access to computers to assist students with the application procedure.

For more information on financial aid, contact Hartnell's Financial Aid Office, located in the CAB Building, room 172, or call (831) 755-6806.