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Hartnell College Foundation Unanimously Supports Passage of Prop. H to Improve Campus Facilities

August 29, 2002

The board of directors of the Hartnell College Foundation-a nonprofit, independent corporation composed of community-spirited citizens who assist the local community college district-recently passed unanimously a resolution to support passage of the Nov. 5 ballot measure that would repair, upgrade and expand facilities on the 82-year-old campus.

The $131 million bond measure, listed as Proposition H on the November ballot, would fund safety upgrades, energy efficiency improvements, additional classrooms and a new library, replacing the present structure built in 1959. The bond also would finance the modernization of existing buildings, the upgrade of electrical systems, computers and lab equipment, as well as provide accessibility to more facilities by disabled individuals

Foundation Board President James Schwefel said, "While our resolution states that the foundation supports the passage of the measure, no foundation funds will be used to support the passage of the proposition."

"Our articles of incorporation," he continued, "spell out quite clearly that one of the foremost reasons for the foundation's existence is to support bond campaigns that align with the long-term needs and objectives of Hartnell College. The passage of Prop. H is clearly needed to enhance the quality of the education provided to the 10,000 students who enroll at Hartnell College every semester."

Schwefel said that although foundation funds will not be used to support the passage of the proposition, funds contributed to the foundation by persons who specifically designate those contributions be used to support the proposition's passage will be sent to the community-based committee that is advocating a "yes" vote for Prop. H.

Darlene Dunham, president of the board of trustees of the Hartnell Community College District, said she was extremely appreciative of the foundation's support. "The foundation board," she said, "is composed of community leaders whose commitment to Hartnell is unwavering. Their endorsement of Prop. H will be crucial to its passage."

For more information, contact Cicely McCreight, executive director of the Hartnell College Foundation, (831) 755-6810.