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'Hartnell College Must be Fiscally Responsible.' --Hartnell College President Edward J.Valeau and the College Administration

September 19th, 2006

Hartnell College's students are our top priority--and always will be. Putting their future at risk by being fiscally irresponsible is not something that the community or the students can afford. Our goal is to support educational opportunities for our students.

Regrettably Hartnell faces a potential strike that could affect the future of the College. The fiscal stability of the College and its funding are tied to student enrollment. If a faculty strike occurs, the result will be a loss of enrollment and of existing and future funding. This loss of funding will jeopardize all future programming for our students and for the community we serve.

Evidence provided by the Fiscal Crisis and Management Team (FCMAT report), an independent agent of the State of California, concluded that the College by 2007 would be in bankruptcy if it assumed financial debt that it could not afford. By meeting the current demands of the faculty, the administration believes that it puts the District and the community in jeopardy. This could result in the loss of a valuable resource to the community -- Hartnell College.

The administration will continue working with faculty members to ensure that Hartnell College will not mortgage the future. At this time, the College will concentrate on assuring educational opportunity and fiscal responsibility. Hartnell College will also work toward negotiation and encourage the faculty union to return to the bargaining table and to NOT disrupt the education of nearly 10,000 students seeking to achieve their dreams.