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Hartnell College Plans Emergency Evacuation Drills for Nov. 15

November 11th, 2005

Emergency evacuation drills will be held at Hartnell College on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Brian Adair, Hartnell's director of facilities and maintenance, said drills are scheduled for 10:10 a.m. and 7:10 p.m. to prepare students and staff for emergencies that may require them to vacate campus buildings in the future.

"The purpose of these exercises," said Adair, " is to educate the Hartnell community about evacuation procedures and places where students and staff should assemble." He said more drills are planned for the future to improve Hartnell's response to possible emergencies.

Fire alarms will be used to evacuate buildings on Nov. 15, Adair said. Hartnell President Edward J. Valeau and the college's deans and managers, who make up the campus' emergency response team, will play leadership roles in the evacuation drills.

The drills will be cancelled in the event of rain.

For more information, call Brian Adair at (831) 770-6117.